The Assisted Living Facility

04 Jun

This is a facility that is designed for the aged or people with disabilities and this housing are mainly found in the United States. The assisted living facility is similar to the resident home considering that both provide a group of living environment and they typically cater for the elderly population. The residents who require assisted living are usually seniors who have slight decline due to their health and they require assistance so that they can perform activities of daily living. The consumer driven industry offers assisted living in a wider range of different level of care, options and diversity of services that is subject to the state. The industry of assisted living evolved as a segment of housing senior industry and providing the living services that can be delivered in a stand-alone facilities or as part of multi-level senior living community. The assisted living communities such as the season assisted living usually ranges from the point of residence standing alone to a being one level of care in the continuing care retirement community. The physical environment of the residence being assisted is often more appealing to both the families and the residents and these communities offers an atmosphere which is more home-like. The atmosphere contains different styles of apartments such as studio and one bedroom models. These apartments also contain kitchenettes with different features such as a small refrigerator and microwave.

The type of the seniors one should expect to find in the assisted living facilities are seniors who like to live in a social environment with very little responsibilities and the place they are living one can access care in a very easy way whenever they need it. Most of the people who are found in the assisted living facilities or in seasons nursing home are women who are in the age of mid-eighties. There is a difference between the independence living, assisted living and the nursing homes. The independence living is a level of care that is usually below the assisted living for it is considered to target any form of housing that has seniors who are above 55 years. This type of living contains apartment and townhouses where there are various activities that are planned for the members of the community and minimal assistance that contain yard work or other maintenance issues. Nursing homes are for the old people who require care throughout and at a higher level than those who reside in the assisted living community. The nursing homes provides staff nurses 24 hours a day like the season nursing home Bellaire.

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